Serences Lab @ UCSD

Welcome to the Perception and Cognition Lab at the University of California, San Diego, led by Prof. John Serences. We are based in the Department of Psychology, but also participate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Institute for Neural Computation.

Our research focuses on understanding how behavioral goals influence perception, decision making, and memory. To investigate these questions, we employ a combination of psychophysics, modeling, and neuroimaging techniques (fMRI and EEG) in human subjects.

Lab News

  • Kirsten's NSF SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship grant awarded!

Recent publications

  • Tim's paper on serial dependence effects in visual cortex accepted at PLoS Biology - attractive biases in behavior despite repulsive adaptation in visual cortex [bioarxiv]

  • Maggie and Rosanne's paper on the strategic reconfiguration of working memory representations from sensory to motor-like codes accepted at eLife [journal website (open), OSF data & code]

  • Sunyoung's new paper on the relative precision of bottom-up and top-down modulations in early and mid/high level visual areas accepted at the Journal of Neurophysiology ([pdf] [journal website] [OSF data & code]).

  • New paper from Chaipat and Rosanne on attractive and repulsive biases in working memory accepted at JEP:General ([pdf] [psyarxiv link] [OSF data & code])

  • Kirsten's new paper on distractor history effects in early visual cortex accepted at the Journal of Neuroscience ([pdf] [OSF data & code] [journal website] [pre-print link])

  • Vy's new paper on similar (and dissimilar) codes for working and long term memory accepted at Cerebral Cortex ([pdf] [OSF data & code] [journal website] [pre-print link])

  • Maggie's new paper on the origin of cardinal biases using CNNs accepted at JOV (link to biorxiv preprint)



Contact Info

University of California, San Diego

Department of Psychology, McGill Hall

9500 Gilman Dr

La Jolla, CA 92093-0109